What Happened to our Berkey® Info??

Don’t worry, we are still selling Berkey® Water Purifiers, we are revamping our dealer agreement with them as we speak.  I will be posting new information to let you know how to order your Berkey® through us in the coming weeks.




Parked Until Further Notice

Greetings from Petunia the Pig…

The Scholl Bus has been parked at our new farm (as of January 2016) in Cottageville, SC.  We have been busy making the place our own, and now I am working on a new website for our farming adventures.  When the bus hits the road again for family travels, I will update this site with the news.

Our plan, for now, is to make some modifications and upgrades to the bus (unless someone happened to offer us millions for the bus, then we would consider selling).  It is currently set up as a guest house, nestled in among the trees at the new place.

The new farm name has been decided, and the domain name has been purchased…  Now to get the site rolling before the official announcement can be made.

Stay Tuned…


Where Did We Go?

You may have noticed the lack of updates to this page, well there is a reason for that.  We decided several months ago to put down some roots in South Carolina.  The bus has been parked until we find some land to purchase in the near future.

We are currently renting a house that gives us good access to the Charleston area, and is close to my new job.  I will be adding posts in the near future about the trip I just took with my dad to the WMSTR show in Minnesota (Labor Day Weekend).

In the meantime, feel free to browse some of the older posts from our traveling adventures.  My work schedule gives me some flexibility for traveling that most jobs do not allow for.  Don’t give up on Scholl Bus adventures just yet, we have more plans up our sleeve than you could possibly imagine.


Here are a few pictures of a little fishing break we had before I headed out to Minnesota.  We caught a few small Croaker, and this one lonely blue crab that tasted great.