Christmas in the Bus

We had to get creative when it came to the idea of a Christmas tree in the Bus.  So we pulled out the Bendaroos and up went a festive tree, although much smaller and less fragrant than our live tress of the past.  The Bendaroos stuck perfectly to the metal on the bus and now we have evolving art project happening on the ceiling of the bus.  Then it was on to making treats for Santa.

It is our Christmas tradition to make and decorate a Gingerbread house on Christmas Eve to leave out for Santa and his Reindeer.  Normally we make it from scratch, however we don’t have a oven in the bus so we got to skip out on the most tedious part of mixing and baking and got to concentrate on the fun part of decorating!  We bought a kit from the grocery store and gave it the Schollbus customized treatment.  The girls say that making the Gingerbread house is one of their favorite parts of Christmas.








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