Interior Construction – The Rough In

The inside of the bus was gutted, and the rusty spots in the floor pan steel were repaired.  I patched all of the holes with steel plate, fiberglass, or bondo depending on the size of the damage.  I also coated the rusty steal with rust treatment before I rolled on a thick coat of primer.  The hole you see me working on is the shower/tub.  I cut the hole in the floor so I could actually stand in the shower (the ceiling in the bus is about 4″ too short for me to stand up all the way).   The girls were excited about learning how the welder, plasma cutter, and grinder worked.  They all had a turn with each piece of equipment, and by the amount of smiles and squeals, the plasma cutter is apparently the most fun.

Next we installed plywood on the floor (the girls are decorating the floor before we install the linoleum in several of the pictures).  The walls were covered in blueboard foam, followed by 1/4″ plywood.






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