Interior Walls and Cabinets

We finally settled on a layout and installed the walls.  Cabinets, benches, and shelves went in next.  The water heater, furnace, water tank, and incinerating toilet were all installed.

The water tank was installed under the dinette table, the bench closest to the kitchen cabinets has the electrical breakers and DC converter in it.  I also installed a 2000 watt inverter to run the lights etc… when we are running down the road or do not have power to plug into, or feel the need to fire up the generator.

The last picture shows the completed area under the pop-up.  We covered it with plywood, fiberglassed some of the larger cracks, and painted it white.  You can also see the ladder and the entry hole for the pop-up, and the curtains we installed (one for the bathroom, and one for the master bedroom).







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