Before Painting – Walk Around

Here are some pictures of the exterior of the bus before we paint it.  You will see the steel that covers the windows in the center of the bus, already painted with primer.  These windows were removed to allow for easier heating and cooling, the windows were replaced with several layers of blue foamboard.  You will also see the water heater, furnace, and refrigerator vents (along with the potty vent that looks like a dryer vent).  You will also see the Cargo Carrier that my dad and I built.  It is a steel frame with an aluminum loading ramp as the top and ramp.  We cut the ramp into two pieces and added some hinges so I can roll our generator up.  This will be used to haul the generator and bikes, along with anything else we may be able to fit on there.  As the exterior body work is completed, I will repair dents and other issues as I go.






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