More Painting Weather

Today we managed to finish the fiberglassing around the pop-up.  The roof of the bus has been sanded, but we could not paint it since the snow started flying…  Tomorrow night is supposed to be one of the coldest nights we have had this winter, 8 degrees will keep the coal fire burning for sure.  The paint scheme is a little more obvious since the grille cover has been put back on.  I think it looks good (especially from a few feet away) we were not going for a “Show Car” finish since we applied the paint with brushes and rollers.  I think it looks better than bus yellow for sure.







2 responses to “More Painting Weather”

  1. james Avatar

    looks much better blue i wana see some close ups of the glass and how it looks after you paint it

    1. Jody Avatar

      The snow and subzero wind chills have the exterior work on hold for now. I will let you know when the work resumes.

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