Painting Weather…. Hooray ! ! !

Today turned out to be a little warmer than expected so we were able to get the ENTIRE ROOF PAINTED….   The paint went on okay, we had some runs though.  I have decided that Rustoleum silver is one of the toughest paints to apply, it is very thin and does not cure very fast.  It looks good with the blue though, hopefully if the forecast is correct we will be able to finish the rest of the exterior painting this Friday.

Lydia had fun helping today, she painted the entire rear of the bus roof after I went around the edges.  She got a little on her, but how can you expect not to when it is the first time you ever had such a large project to paint…

Lilah and Laini had a good time running up and down the hill, playing in the mud, and making messes of their own.  I am ready to be more concerned about sunburns than if it is going to be too cold or rainy to paint…







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