Product Review – The Breathing Mobile Washer

Here is our video review for the Breathing Mobile Washer.  Chas had been wanting to figure out how to wash our clothes while traveling, this product had some good reviews so we wanted to see how it would work for our needs.

Our video review is focused on our girls, they were so excited about using this to wash their clothes, we did not have the heart to tell them that this thing is supposed to be “work”.  They had so much fun using this, and shooting the video, I don’t think Chas will be washing clothes herself for a long time to come.

As far as the washer itself, the parts are all very simple and sturdy.  The girls assembled it themselves without any instruction from us.  The product is very useable, the girls LOVED it.  They see washing clothes as something fun they get to do now (much better than going to a laundromat as far as we are concerned).  We are working on drying methods, and hope to review some products along those lines

We created a storyboard and try to script the video based on their comments and our impressions of the washer.  The girls were excited about a “movie” they starred in being available for anyone to see.  I did most of the video editing, but the girls wanted to learn how that process worked too.  I can see more elaborate productions coming very soon to The Scholl Bus world…



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