Bottled Water and a Great Alternative

As a society, we have become more and more attached to the notion that Bottled Water is much safer and more convenient than filling a thermos or travel mug.  Bottled water has fewer regulations than municipal “tap” water, and sitting in the bottle on store shelves over long periods of time results in chemicals from the plastic leeching into the water.  Not to mention all of the natural resources WASTED on making the bottles, and the impact on landfills when they are not recycled.

Below are some astounding facts about bottled water:

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The Facts About Bottled Water

We have found a great alternative to the bottled water craze.  Our family uses stainless steel travel containers, they do not have issues with chemical leaching and they are very easy to sanitize and re-use.  For years, we have been filling the water containers with tap water without any second thoughts.  Once our decision to travel full time had been made, we were concerned about the constant changing of water quality in the different areas we would be going to.  We also wanted to utilize any natural resources that were available to reduce our need for a public water source.

After weeks of researching different filters and purifiers, we focused on Berkey® Water Purifiers.  We loved the idea we could filter water from virtually any source (Rain Water, Rivers, Creeks, Lakes, Ponds, Municipal Supplies, Mud Puddles), and be confident we would have the same quality of purified water every time.

This is the Big Berkey®, click the image for more information on this model.

Once our Royal Berkey® arrived, we immediately set it up and fell in love with the system.  We used it for 3 months every day, and loved it so much we decided to become Berkey® distributors.

CLICK HERE for information on the different Berkey® systems including specifications, pricing, and how to order.  Please note, although the information is available, it is a work in progress as there are no shopping cart links yet.  This information will be updated in the very near future, if you have any questions, please feel free to EMAIL ME.




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