Sunny Beaches….

Our internet is sparse here to say the least, so the updates to the blog are going to be a little slower in coming.

The Scholl Bus has performed as expected since leaving the NC mountains.  We averaged a whopping 9.5 MPG with the bus, even with the popup on top.  That is the same fuel mileage we had when taking the bus to Kentucky 2 years ago with nothing more inside than some rough camping gear.

I pulled through the CAT Scales at the truck stop in Marion, NC just to see what we weighed.  I was surprised to find we weigh a little less than 23,000 pounds, with the weight being distributed very nicely from front to back.

Once we arrived at The Oaks at Point South campground, we set the popup up after a good nights sleep.  Everyone in the place seemed to stop by at one point over the first few hours that followed asking questions about the design and function of the bus.  We have met some very nice people in this area, they seem to be very helpful and love the fact we are using our travels to educate our girls.  I must admit, I have already learned a lot over the last week myself, seems the “Never too old to learn” saying rings very true for sure.

Today we made it to the beach for the first time in almost exactly 2 years.  The girls were so excited to be there, they couldn’t wait to jump in the waves.  Gravy, the newest addition to the Scholl family, loves the water.  She dove right in and tried to eat the waves as they crashed over her head.  She had a good time swimming around with the girls, I just wish we were at a beach where she could run without the leash.

Hunting Island State Park is where we are accessing the beach.  It is a very nice park, with excellent facilities.  The yearly membership to the state park system is well worth the price if you are going to be in the state for more than a few days.  It even covers fishing on their piers so you don’t have to get a fishing license.  Since it is supposed to be rainy tomorrow, I think we may venture to Savannah to pick our some better fishing poles that we can use on the piers.  The girls have been wanting to go fishing for so long, now maybe we can catch something worth eating for a change.  I am tired of trying to fry up fish that are only worth a bite or two at best.  I am looking for some fish that can make a good meal for a family of 5.


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