Teenagers, Gotta Love ‘Em

Just scared the crap out of a teenage kid, and loved every minute of it…  I am sitting in the lobby of the RV dealership while they work on the fridge in The Scholl Bus.  I am taking advantage of the free WiFi and coffee (don’t really consider it free since they are charging $105/hour).

This older couple comes in to sit down and grab some lunch, they are traveling with their grandson (not by choice as I discover later) and his girlfriend.  They needed some repairs on their RV, so they were going to have to wait in the lobby/cafeteria area with me.

I am sitting at a table with some of the previously discussed $26.25 per cup coffee (I figure if I drink 4 cups an hour until they fix the bus it will make me feel like I am at Starbucks)…  I have my headphones plugged into the Macbook and listening to some podcasts while I get some updates finished for the Blog.  The teens sit at the table in front of me, meanwhile, the grandparents are at a couch on the other side of the lobby.

My spider sense tells me something is not right, so I pause the podcast and keep working.  The kid is making cracks about me looking “Big and Bad” with my laptop to the amusement of his girlfriend, all the while not realizing I could hear everything they were saying.  Ten minutes of snide remarks and chuckling at my expense passed, as I kept typing the updates to the “About Our Bus” page.  Then, the moment presented itself to make my move.  He said, “Maybe I should arm wrestle him for his laptop and iPhone”.  The stage was set, so I couldn’t resist.  I didn’t say a word, I removed my headphones and walked over to their table.  I sat down across the table from him, moved their drinks aside without saying a word, and placed my elbow on the table.  To say the least, his eyes were HUGE and she was scared to death.  The only thing I said was, ” What do I get if I win? “…

I sat there looking him in the eye for at least a minute without saying a word.  Finally I said, “Remember this moment the next time you feel the need to talk about someone, it could keep you out of trouble and save you a lot of humiliation in the future.”

Then I walked back to my table and began to type this post.  Before I got to this line, they had sheepishly went over and sat on the couch across the grandparents.  They would not talk to each other, and would not tell the grandparents what happened.  I let the grandparents read this post, they both thought it was hilarious and thanked me for teaching them a lesson that would hopefully stick.

I think Jayco discriminates against the "Big and Tall"

If you enjoyed reading this post, feel free to share it using one of the links below.  I have been toying with the idea of writing a book, this was a small example of my writing style.  Comment and let me now what you think…  This story came to me while actually sitting in the RV Repair Center lobby, it is FICTION but seemed like a good idea and a fun story.  Sadly, the $26.25 per cup coffee is true…  I am up to $420 in coffee I think, I am losing my ability to type clearly….  If this pace keeps up, I may have to move my operation to the bathroom in front of the urinal….






9 responses to “Teenagers, Gotta Love ‘Em”

  1. Henry Avatar

    Jody,great story. Your work is top notch! The Scholl bus will be followed. Do you have tshirts yet 🙂

    1. Jody Avatar

      Thanks Henry, We do not have shirts ready yet, but they are coming in the next couple weeks. I will let you know when we have them for sure..

  2. Nevada Avatar

    I believed every word…so great job! 🙂

  3. Ali Workentin Avatar

    Great story and I could see that happening!!!

  4. Jerry & Cynthia Avatar

    That was awesome! Kids these days… they don’t have a clue.

    1. Jody Avatar

      Thanks for reading, I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  5. Winston Avatar

    Hey Man! Thought that story was great and could totally see that happening. Sorry about the beer cooler (what else is a fridge for?). I have got all of the parts for the Benz BTW. Every time I see a picture of the pop-up on the bus I am filled with both pride and shame. Look forward to seeing it in person. Happy motoring!

    1. Jody Avatar

      Thanks for both the parts and the idea for the 2nd floor. I will be by most likely tomorrow to get the parts and drop the ozone machine off for Nigel.

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