The Adventure Begins

We have been living in the bus since November, but tonight is the first night in a campground with the newly converted bus.  We are so excited, we don’t know what to do since the bus doesn’t need anything more than some organization.  We pulled into the site at the Sky Island Retreat and  Campground around 5:00 this evening.  We are happy to take advantage of our new Passport America membership and get half off of our stay.  This is a very small campground, we are the only ones here excluding the caretakers.  It looks like it would be a fun place in the middle of summer, we are glad for the peace and quiet (except for the screams of excitement coming from the general vicinity of the bus).

The pictures taken earlier today are of the bus in the driveway of my dads shop.  The pictures of me and my crew with my grandma are on her front porch, if you zoom in you can see the bus across the road.  Grandpa wasn’t up from his nap when we were ready to leave, so grandma hugs would have to do.  We did give her extra hugs for grandpa before we pulled out.

Grandma said she was going to cover up my gut with her hand, for some reason I don’t think she pulled it off…

The last picture is the bus in the campground with the fire crackling.







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  1. Mike and Sarah Mackay Avatar

    How exciting! Looking forward to reading of your adventures!

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