The Dogs of the Scholl Bus

We are a family of animal lovers.  The girls wanted to fit a pony in the popup, but we all decided that just the canines would be able to tour the states with us.  This travel adventure began with our two Shih Tzu’s, Zen and Emmie, snuggling by our side.

Then Zen decided that the bus steps were a bit to much for his wee little legs, so he decided to go stay with Grammy and his best Bully cousins.  Zen has always been a Bulldog at heart.

Next we had a hound dog pup show up at our Bus and we could not find the owners.  We made him a part of the family and named him Foscoe B Scholltrain.  He was only with us about 1 month when left just a swiftly as he showed up and we hope his is safe and snug with his new family.

Foscoe helped remind us that we liked having a bigger dog around that was a playful companion instead of just a snuggle pup so we began thinking of getting a sweet and playful addition for our family.  We found Gravy, a labradoodle mix on craigslist looking for a new family to love her and she seemed to be most everything we were looking for: house trained, friendly with other dogs, good with kids, playful and snuggly, plus non-shedding….Yea!


We love our furry family members and look forward to the animals we will have when we settle down on a farm when our travel adventure is done.  So for now Gravy and Emmie will be checking out the sights, sounds and smells with us as this Bus rolls on down the  road…..






2 responses to “The Dogs of the Scholl Bus”

  1. Erica Tipton Avatar
    Erica Tipton

    Thank you so much for giving Gravy the best home she and I could have hoped for. I know she is enjoying all the hugs and kisses from your wonderful children. God blesses us in many ways and He has blessed me with the memories I have with Gravy but the blessing I enjoy the most is knowing that Gravy has found her FOREVER home.

    1. Jody Avatar

      Gravy has been a great pup. We have all had so much fun with her, she jumped in the creek at my dads house and the girls were so excited. They have always wanted a dog that would swim with them, I think she is going to have a blast on our adventure.

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