Driveway Camping at Dads – Steam Whistle Blowing Fun

While camping in my dad’s driveway this month, I have been working on several projects.  I have been making some adjustments to our truck attempting to make it more reliable.  It is coming along nicely, I think I have aligned the alternator so it doesn’t chew the belt off in a few hundred miles.  I also replaced some leaking seals on the injectors and corrected a shifting problem with the transmission.

I have also been replacing a clutch in a Dodge truck for a friend.  I still have some welding to do to repair some rust damage on the frame and replace the fuel tank straps.  Hopefully, these repairs will get it back on the road for their job site trash hauler for a couple more years.

I have also been helping dad out at Scholl Engine Shop.  He restores antique railroad items, gasoline engines, steam whistles, Lionel trains, etc…  We plumbed one of his latest whistle projects up to the compressor and had some fun.  This is the first whistle I think he has ever owned that required two people to safely carry, it weighs 85 pounds.  I love listening to these whistles echo through the mountains, it is something that never gets old (I hope the neighbors feel the same way)…  Here is the video:









2 responses to “Driveway Camping at Dads – Steam Whistle Blowing Fun”

  1. Doyle Hortin (Matt's dad) Avatar
    Doyle Hortin (Matt’s dad)

    Loved your web site. When traveling I64 at the In Il line, go north on Il 1 3 miles, then north on Il 130 1.5 miles and visit us on the farm. We have electricy and water hookup and a sewer dump and plenty of room for your bus. And a lake with boats for the kids.

    1. Jody Avatar

      Glad you enjoyed the site, and thanks for the invitation. We will let you know when we are in the area again, a visit would be great. We are currently in North Dakota so it will be next year before we are that direction again. Keep following the site and tell everyone you know about it…


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