The New Fridge and Camping Fun

We decided to get an apartment sized refrigerator at Best Buy while staying at Lake Aire campground just outside of Charleston, SC.  We were tired of spending several dollars each day on bags of ice, and the RV fridge we had planned to use would have been too much of a hassle to finish the installation in a safe fashon. 

The girls had fun playing with the headphones while at Best Buy, Jody had fun loading the fridge on the roof of “Blondie” (our Mercedes wagon) to haul back to the bus.

You will also see the smallest frogs/toads we have ever seen.  There were hundreds of them on a sand bar beside the lake at Lake Aire.  The girls had fun catching them and chasing them around the sand bar.  The pool is the one at the campground, if you click on the image you can see the bus in the background.








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