Moving The Bus With The Pop-Up … UP ! ! !

At Hunting Island State Park in South Carolina, the sites are hard to come by if you want to stay at one site for more than a few days.  Many of these sites are reserved a year in advance, but due to cancellations you can usually find something if you are willing to site hop.  The first site we found we were lucky enough to get it for 5 days, then we had to move one site over.  I decided to do this without lowering the pop-up, so Chas got a little nervous.  It worked out great thanks to some good guidance from one of our camping neighbors.

Here is the video Chas took of the adventurous maneuvering.  She told me after we were finished with the move that she was glad she got to film and didn’t have to direct me.

Here is a video of the Lilah and Laini helping get the bus ready to move the second time to our final site at the park.  They didn’t know I was filming for the first few minutes, they got the idea on their own to get the speed wrench and begin raising the levelers.






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