Ocean Feast

On our last night camping at the beach we decided to have a feast and experiment with our catches from the Pier.  The only fish that were biting on a regular basis were Whiting.  They don’t get too big, but they are very good when filleted and fried (what isn’t).

Lydia used my iPhone to record how I removed the wings from the sting ray.  If you have a large ray, there is a bunch of good meat on there and it is very easy to prepare.  You will have to excuse the video orientation, I am working with Lydia to help her record better videos.  She has a tendency to get caught up in the moment, so she forgets what she is supposed to be filming…

I decided I wanted to prepare the shark and sting ray in two different ways.  To grill each, I left the skin on, I added very little seasoning and grilled them on a low steady fire.  To prepare them for frying, I removed the skin from both the shark and the ray.  I dunked them in a batter then straight into the fryer for a few minutes.  I preferred the fried over the grilled, next time I will grill over a hotter fire and cook it much quicker.  The fried shark was awesome, but the sting ray surprised everyone that tried it.  Many people will tell you that rays and skates are not good to eat, our whole family loved it and we will be eating them again for sure…








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