Starting the 120 HP Fairbanks 2 Cylinder Diesel

Here is a video of how to start the 120 HP Fairbanks Morse 2 cylinder diesel at the East Tennessee Crank Up.  This engine was used to generate electricity for the R.J. Reynolds Plantation on Sapalo Island, off of the Georgia coast.  It was donated to the East Tennessee Antique Engine Association, moved to the current site and set up to demonstrate.   We start the engine with air pressure.  The air is injected into one of the cylinders to create the initial rotation.  The other cylinder begins to fire, the air is turned off and the first cylinder begins to fire.  They are fun to operate and work on, I love these big engines.







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  1. Joe Melton Avatar
    Joe Melton

    I worked at a cotton gin in Texas in early 1960s. During electrical storm. The electricity gin wold shut down and dig cotton all night from suction to the press. Fairbanks down the street would run all night long as long as you had diesel. Reat machine

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