A Sad Little Poem

Here is a little poem written today, the events described in the poem are very true.

Ode to the plastic house that sits strong and proud;
It serves small venues and even a crowd.
The familiar blue water so inviting and cool;
Its the only place you should ever poo in the pool,
With a trickle and splash your business is done;
The dreaded kerplop means you need a new phone.

Lydia dropped her mommies phone in the porta-pottie so I could not resist.  I am glad we have insurance on the phone that covers accidental damage.  I don’t think we will be keeping the case though…  I am very thankful we had the dog poo picker-upper that works like a claw.  It fished the phone out of the pottie with no issues, a little rinse and a plastic baggie to preserve the evidence until we get to a Best Buy for the return process.






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