CONTEST ! — How Many Bees in the Box?

THE CONTEST IS OVER… The winner will be announced soon.  

This is the first official contest offered by The Scholl Bus.  We thought this would be a fun little twist to the old “How many beans are in this jar” contest.


Here are some details:

We collected these as part of our Insect Collection hobby, they are being sent to Texas as we speak…

This box lid is a pack of 8 1/2″ x 11″ heavy card stock paper, it is roughly 1/2″ deep.

The yellow jackets were individually counted and piled in the box, they are piled up and not just one layer thick.

One picture is taken directly overhead with a Quarter in there for a size comparison.


Contest Rules:

(we reserve the right to alter the rules prior to contest end if needed)

The winner is the closest to the actual number counted (going over is okay).

Contest runs from posting time on 9-11-12 thru  HIGH NOON (Scholl Bus Time)  9-18-12.

If multiple guesses for the same number are entered, the first one posted wins (please look through the comments and avoid duplication).

All guesses must be posted under THIS POST in the comments section.

Note:  To combat SPAM we will be moderating all comments, so it may take a few minutes for your comment to appear on the site.

One guess per person please, guesses can not be changed after they are made.

SHARE THIS on your FB wall or on your blog for an extra guess. (please comment individually for each guess, and note where shared)



The winner will be able to choose one of the following-

Breathing Mobile Washer


Sport Berkey Water Bottle


If you haven’t already, please Like us on Facebook.  More contests are in the works, so stay tuned…


20 thoughts on “CONTEST ! — How Many Bees in the Box?

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    1. Jody Post author

      The contest is over Rich, you are 12 minutes late…. Good guess, but a little low… Totals will be posted soon. Thanks for playing.


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