Tri State Antique Gas Engine and Tractor Show – Portland, IN


The Scholl Bus headed from Kentucky in the middle of August to the Tri State Antique Gas Engine and Tractor Show in Portland, Indiana.  This is a show that I had attended several times, and Chas has been there a few times, but the girls and bus have never been.

The bus was a big attraction, it was very visible from the street as you come in to the fairgrounds area.  We usually had a crowd standing around the bus at all times, all ready to ask questions if we were near or popped out for some reason.  Our neighbors said they enjoyed watching people as they tried to figure out how this rig works.

We set up a booth beside my dad, who has been to the show for 30 years in a row.  The Scholl Engine Shop trailer is a stopping point for many people every year, they want to see what kind of steam whistles or railroad lanterns dad has restored.

It was very hot and dry during the show, so we didn’t get around much to take a lot of pictures.  It is a major antiques sale inside the fairgrounds, but all of the streets in the town of Portland are filled with vendors of all kinds.  Many people come for the yard sale and street vendors and never make it in to the show at all.

The girls kept the Hawaiian Ice vendors very busy, they usually had at least 2 each every day.  I think that was their favorite part of the show, they had a good time with their Pop-Pop (my dad) too.




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  1. Robert Imel Avatar
    Robert Imel

    Iis there golf carts available for rent l am handicapped and cant do the walking

    1. Jody Avatar

      There are golf carts available to use at the show as of last year.

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