Brewer Lake Campground, North Dakota

One thing that we always do when traveling is “ask the locals”.  We want to explore new places not as tourist but really try to get a look at the local foods, areas, and activities.  While at the state park in MN we told the locals we met that we were going to Hillboro ND and asked if there were any places they would suggest.  They quickly suggested Brewer Lake and we are very thankful of their suggestion.  This turned out to be the perfect place to unwind after the many miles of traveling, and the excitement of WMSTR.

We have loved fishing and enjoy looking for the local wildlife.  We have seen deer, beaver, a fish stealing mink, rough leggeged hawks, herons, a kingfisher and even a Bald Eagle  fishing along side of us.  We have heard coyotes singing at night and the raspy call of the heron when he flew across the lake to regain his distance from all disturbances.  The sky has been a beauty to behold, it has been FULL of twinkling stars and the occasional view of our Milky Way Galaxy.

Here is a short video of our little fish thief…







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  1. Ladina Sanders Avatar
    Ladina Sanders

    Came across this as I was on the net checking all places and information that is posted on Brewer Lake Campground. We had a blast having you guys stay at the campground with us that year and we too learned a lot from your traveling family. We have missed you guys the last few years. Hope you are all doing well and if in the area again stop in and stay.

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