How To Cut Laminated Safety Glass – Yes, It Can Be Done ! ! !

One of the lower windows in the front door on The Scholl Bus had a crack in it that looked very unsafe.  It was made from laminated safety glass, which is two pieces of glass with a tough plastic film in the middle.  Many glass shops will tell you that laminated glass can not be cut, and it has to be special ordered.  Luckily I have a good friend that does not believe in being told he can’t do something.  He has worked with glass and mirrors for many years, and he has a special trick to get the job done.

We decided this would be a great educational experience for the girls, although I think I had as much fun as they did.  I captured the process on video, which turned out to be a great instructional tool for anyone that needs to do this themselves.  You do need several special tools, but it is very simple once you have the tools at hand.  You can use the techniques shown here to cut regular glass too, you merely leave out the best step involving FIRE….







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