Cleaning and Cooking Fish – Brewer Lake, ND

Once we arrived at Brewer Lake, we decided we wanted to stick around for as long as we could before the Sugar Beet Harvest began.  We purchased ND fishing licenses so we could both have some fun, and save some money on a few meals.  I grew up fishing in the mountain streams of Western North Carolina, but had not spent much time on a lake.  I had fun catching the fish with the girls, they were very good at using artificial lures by the end of our 3 week stay.

I don’t have an exact total for the number of fish we caught while at the lake, but I am sure it was well over 100 keepers.  We had several fish fries, and still have a couple bags of fillets in our freezer.  I had not filleted many fish prior to arriving at this lake, but I decided to dive in and practice as much as I could while we were there.

In the following video, I fillet a perch, a crappie, and a bass, then I show a brief example of a fish fry complete with hush puppies and fried squash.

In the next video, I show how to clean crappie for pan frying.  I also show the full camp cooking method I used to prepare some very tasty fish.




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  1. Stephanie Avatar

    This is sooo cool! I love your pop-up on the bus =)
    How tall are you when you travel?

    1. Jody Avatar

      The bus is 12’10” when we are in travel mode, so it doesn’t cause any problems at all.

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