The Angel’s Good News

My mom wrote a song 33 years ago while she rocked me to sleep.  She is now in a nursing care facility in Wilkesboro, NC and doing very well.  Her story is one of amazing strength, determination, and will power that is still keeping her going today.  Nearly 40 years after her brain stem tumor mom is still smiling.  Any comments made here will be shared with her, so feel free to leave a note for her.

Here is a link to The Angel’s Good News – Christmas Song, Performed by: Kristina Scholl Miller

Here is a link to Mom’s Personal Testimony – Read by: Kristina Scholl Miller

Sharing this is the whole reason for recording these messages, feel free to share this post on your wall or blog.


Mom would love to have her song recorded, if you know an artist that may be interested in recording this please have them contact us.

Merry Christmas from The Scholl Bus Crew…







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