Leaving Arizona

When we left Quartzsite, we had a lot of good memories to take with us.  We had our sights set on the city lights of Las Vegas, but we still had a few stops we wanted to make in Arizona before we waved goodbye.  Our first night after leaving Quartzsite, we stopped at Lake Havasu City and set up camp for the night at Lake Havasu State Park.  We pulled in to our site, and the girls had to go jump in the cold lake water.  I decided to get the metal detector out, and proceeded to rid the shore of a 6-pack worth of buried beer cans (glad I could do my part when it comes to keeping the environment clean, but I had hoped for something better).  Chas didn’t get a picture of me detecting until the sun started setting.

The next morning, we got up early so we could go to one of the attractions that put Lake Havasu on the map.  The London Bridge, originally built in 1831 to cross the Thames river in London England, was relocated to this spot in 1967.  It is interesting to imagine all the historical figures that crossed these granite stones either by horse, buggy, or on foot during its 136 year first life.  It was purchased by Robert McCulloch in 1967 to be a tourist attraction in his newly formed town of Lake Havasu City.  It now has a bustling community around it, but it must have looked very odd in the early days as a bridge to nowhere…




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