Repairs on the Road

The campground in Quartzsite, Arizona, was filled with objects that could be the end of tires.  We had to replace tubes in several bike tires due to cactus thorn damage.  Blondie, the Mercedes, also required a repair due to a puncture of some kind.  I have had the tire plug kit in our vehicle for almost a year before we needed it.  I recommend everyone have one of these kits in each vehicle they drive, you never know when it might come in handy for you or someone you meet.  I can’t imagine how bad it would suck to need one of these and not have it on an adventure like the off road trek we took with Blondie in search of gold.

I will be adding future posts about other repairs we make along our journey, follow along as we keep our old rides running.







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  1. Temple Jones Avatar
    Temple Jones

    Glad you had the repair kit when you needed it! I usually find that I dont need something until I throw it away!

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