Replacing the Trailer Deck

As soon as we bought our used trailer in Kentucky last summer, we knew we would have to replace the deck soon.  After getting into this project, I am amazed we actually used it as long as we did.  The boards were not pressure treated, so they dry rotted away.  I had to be careful where I stepped when walking on the old deck because I was afraid I would fall through.  Lydia decided to help me with the project, she got her ear plugs and gloves on, and jumped in to the mix.

After the new deck boards were in place, I used lag bolts to secure each one to the metal supports.  Later we welded the angle back in place to hold the end of the boards.  While I had the boards off, I also replaced some of the wiring that had been damaged from flying road debris.

Now, the trailer has 4 new tires, new wheel bearings and seals, a new spare tire, and a new deck.  It looks much better rolling down the road in style behind The Scholl Bus.






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