Circus Circus Anyone?

If you missed our first post about Las Vegas, check it out HERE.

We were told several times that we should check out Circus Circus while we were in Las Vegas, so we did just that.  The girls had a blast watching the free circus acts every hour or so.  They have a lot of games that can drag you in to spending some money, but we avoided those mostly (we did have to play a couple between acts).  The first act we watched was a trapeze act, and Lilah especially was totally amazed,  You are very close to the action during the performances, so it is more exciting than you might imagine.  The acts are different each time, so you could sit there all day and watch different performers do their thang…

The girls have no idea why I wanted to take their picture with the Zoltar machine, so we have a movie to watch for family movie night very soon.

Next we headed out to the Fremont Street Experience.  We made it out there after 9:00 PM that night, so everything was in full swing.  They loved listening to the many live bands and dancing to the music.  The different characters roaming the street were fun to see, so we had to get a picture when Bumble Bee strolled by.

Fremont Street Bumble Bee Transformer

One of the most amazing things I have seen in a long time happened to be the spray can artist.  This is truly an art form I had never seen before, so you should watch the video if you haven’t seen it in person.  Some of his paintings were breathtaking in their simplicity, yet the detail was amazing.  The pictures are of paintings that were completed while we were watching him, they were sold before he finished the painting.

Fremont Street Spray Paint Art

Our final post of Las Vegas night life will be the Pirate Show at Treasure Island, the Fountain at the Bellagio, and The Volcano at the Mirage…







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