Las Vegas With Kids?

What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas.  You hear that slogan everywhere, but trying to do things in sin city with 3 young daughters is a little more interesting.  If you know where to look, there are lots of things to do with the kiddos.  You also have to know where not to look (example, the idiots passing around the cards downtown and letting them litter the sidewalk).  The first thing that caught the girls attention happened to be the pool and hot tub at the Thousand Trails campground we called home for 2 weeks.  They spent a couple hours in the pool every day we were there.  They really enjoyed hanging out with a little girl we met at the campground, her grandparents were awesome and helped guide us on some of the best adventures we had downtown.

Thanks to some suggestions from our many friends, the first adventure we took to a casino was to the Silverton.  It has a large Bass Pro Shops attached to it, and an interesting aquarium.

The aquarium offers sting ray feeding shows once each day, it was cool watching the interaction between the rays and the diver.  The highlight of the aquarium is the mermaid show, featuring what Lilah referred to as “Real Fake Mermaids”.  The girls loved watching the mermaid play with the critters in the tank, and really thought it was cool since she would interact with them through the glass.

I am going to spread our trip here into several different posts since I don’t have good enough speed on our internet to upload all of the videos and pictures.  Coming up in the next Vegas post will be our visit to Circus Circus, and The Fremont Street Experience, so stay tuned…

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