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We met some new friends in our Las Vegas campground.  They had been in Vegas for a long time, and they knew how to get to the free shows in the most efficient manor.  We zipped through town and parked at a free lot, then we all ran to the Treasure Island casino to see the Pirate Show.  The plot of the show is based on a ship of Sirens battle a ship of Pirates, and the Sirens always win.  I can’t imagine why in their skimpy outfits…  The girls were impressed with the explosions and pyrotechnics..

The total we walked on this outing (which didn’t begin until around 9:00 PM) turned out to be over 3 miles.  The girls all did an awesome job keeping up the pace, although we did end up carrying Laini most of the way back.  With over 70 pounds of sleeping muscle on our backs and shoulders, we got a good workout that night for sure.  I am glad we were able to sleep in a little the next day before they wanted to go to the pool again.

The show is fairly short, so the mile we ran didn’t allow for rest before heading to the next show.  The hike to the Bellagio from Treasure Island is a long one with kids, especially when trying to do it in 30 minutes with kids.  On the way, we passed by the Mirage Volcano and decided to come back to catch the next display there.  The Bellagio Fountain was by far my favorite show, it was impressive to watch and the song choice we witnessed was perfect.  The fountain has a different song with each show, so you could hang around and catch several songs in one trip.

After the INCREDIBLE fountain performance, we ran back to the Mirage to watch the Volcano show.  The show was impressive since you are so close to the experience.  You can feel the heat from the jets of fire as they light up the night sky on the strip.

We had a lot of fun on this outing in Vegas.  We were moving so fast the girls didn’t really have time to pay attention to some of the inappropriate content scattered all around the Strip.  Let us know if you have questions about how to avoid some of the more disappointing parts of the nightlife for you and your family.  My best bit of advice might be to avoid anyone trying to hand you something, and keep your eyes off the sidewalk and free magazine stands.  It is sad they have to ruin what could otherwise be a really cool experience with the trash, but the name sin city wasn’t given without good cause.  We chose to avoid the sin portion, and enjoy the artistic side of the city.

While running between the events, some of the hotels were having parties that spilled out onto the individual room’s balconies.  Those folks saw us running with kids, and several times they yelled very positive things to them.  One example I remember was a young lady that yelled down to Laini who was riding on my shoulders at that point.  She yelled, “Have fun in this awesome city little shoulder rider !”.  Laini thought it was great that someone would talk to her from so high up on the building.

If you head into Las Vegas, be sure to check out these free shows, especially if you have kids tagging along.  If you haven’t seen our other Vegas adventures, check them out.  Our first post was about the Silverton Casino Mermaids, and our second post Circus Circus and The Fremont Street Experience.







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