A Quick Trip Up The Oregon Coast

We drove up from the redwoods and made it to the Oregon coast, it was a nice drive up from San Francisco.  As soon as you cross from California into Oregon, the scenery begins to change.  The large rocks sitting in the surf are exactly like you remember from watching Goonies (or at least exactly how I remembered it).  We didn’t make it quite that far up the coast, but the girls enjoyed watching the movie even more after being around those large ocean rocks.

We parked the bus along several pull-outs up the coast and took time to play in the water and take pictures.  The wind was cold and the water was colder, but the girls didn’t seem to mind.

Lydia managed to catch a surf perch, our first Oregon Fish Dinner…  It was a slow day fishing, but we saw our first wild salmon in the river at Gold Beach.  We watched sea lions chase the salmon up the river, you could see their shadows flash by just under the water.

We stayed one night in Gold Beach at the mouth of the Rogue River, then we headed up to Garibaldi where we waited for our campground to open for our volunteer hosting position to begin.  While in Garibaldi, we got to go clamming for the first time and made homemade clam chowder.  The wind was very cold and didn’t let up while we were there, the girls found a driftwood structure on the beach that someone made, so I climbed inside to get out of the wind and we watched the ocean swallow the sun.

We were able to relax for a couple days in Garibaldi before we began our first hosting position at Kilchis River County Park.  This was a nice break from travel to prepare us for our first real work since December in Kansas.



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