California Redwoods

As the Scholl Bus began lumbering up hwy 101 in California, we began to notice a change in the air.  Fog and mist seemed to appear from out of nowhere, and the trees began to get tall…  Really tall…   Our first over night stop after leaving the San Francisco area was a quiet little campground built in someones front yard.  We were the only campers there, and the girls enjoyed catching frogs in the pond with no interruptions.  I thought the moss growing on the trees looked very much like it had been added by a needle and thread technique.

We drove into the forrest and discovered not only the trees grow bigger here.  The clover and mushrooms had been enjoying the coastal climate here too.  We didn’t have as much time to explore the redwoods as we had hoped since we stayed in San Francisco a few more days than we had originally planned.  We needed to zip on up the coast to get to our first gig in Oregon.

A photo opportunity stop with Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox was required to make our daily travel a little more bearable.

Even though our time in this area only lasted a few hours, it was memorable just the same.  Maybe the next time we are out here we can spend a little more time exploring and relaxing instead of driving like crazy.  Up next will be our trip up the Oregon coast, and getting ready for our month long position in Tillamook Cheese Country…



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