Good Food Creates Good Ideas

In case anyone has been wondering, a lot of our time is spent cooking outside on this crazy journey we call everyday life.  I love grilling and smoking on the contraption I built on the front of the bus, it has turned out some really good stuff.  While along the Kilchis River, we did a lot of grilling.  I am so dedicated to the craft that I even did it during the 2 week stretch where it rained the whole time.  I just threw on my poncho because there was meat to cook.

Here is a video of grilling a pork roast and some chicken thighs on one of the drier days.  The pork roast has a very unique flavor due to my secret marinade, you will learn about that in the video…

We spent a lot of time around the campfire during the month we were there.  There were many marshmallows roasted, stories swapped, and memories made around that fire.  The girls loved riding around in the golf cart we had when we were working, they helped pick up limbs that came out of the trees before I mowed.  That kept the place a little neater, and gave us an unlimited supply of firewood to burn.  We also came up with a new method of starting a campfire that you should check out in this video…

Here is a video of us trying out an idea I had.  Could you make a candle using the very abundant sap flowing out of the pine trees that surround the campground?  Check out this video to find out…

This is the last post in the series from our time at the Kilchis River, we had a great time and would love to go back someday when our travels take us that direction again…



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  1. monique Avatar

    I love that you travel with your family. I’ve been out of work for almost a year, but I’m hoping to start back soon. The sooner I start the sooner I can afford to head out on the road with my 2 daughters. Thanks for your posts!

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