Gotta Glitch, But Still Going

Our site has had a glitch over the last couple weeks, which has really cramped my style when it comes to updating the blog.  I had tried on multiple occasions to add new posts, but it kept crashing.  I finally had time to communicate the issues with our hosting provider, and they helped me fix the problem in a couple minutes.

Now that updating can resume, I will only be limited by our internet here at our campground in Kentucky.  It seems to be doing okay so far, so if that holds out you can expect at least one post each week for the foreseeable future.  We have many months of activities to blog about, there will be lots of pictures and videos, along with some funny stories and commentary about our adventures this past summer.

Sit back and get ready to enjoy our adventures from the past 6 months as they unfold one post at a time…






3 responses to “Gotta Glitch, But Still Going”

  1. Larry Harmon Avatar

    Glad you got it sorted out. We are looking forward to catching up !
    harm & bett

  2. Larry Harmon Avatar

    Sometimes it is the simplest of things to sort out or fix, but, finding time to spend with tech support can be the biggest thing. It was good to see you guys today at SDF-1 in Coffeyville.

    1. Jody Avatar

      Glad we survived the day here in Campbellsville, and looking forward to working with you guys this year.

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