Location, Location, Location

There has been a lot of speculation recently about where exactly we are.  We are running way behind on blog posts due to poor internet all summer, and crazy work schedules during October at the Beet Harvest.  The posts really are coming, but now we have a full schedule at Amazon in Kentucky, so we have new things keeping the posts flowing slowly.

We are enjoying being closer to our family now that we are in Kentucky.  Chas and the girls have been spending a lot of their free time in Lexington with family, and I just had a short trip back to North Carolina to visit with mine.  I am glad we have this opportunity to be closer, but I am already planning our next move…  I will let you know what we are doing after Amazon as soon as I know 🙂






5 responses to “Location, Location, Location”

  1. Michal Sirton Avatar
    Michal Sirton

    Good to see the blog updated. Maya was just asking where you guys would be now and reminiscing about the fun she had with the girls in the hammock.

  2. Sharee Collier Avatar


    Love the blog! Your stories are exciting for a newbie on the road!

    We are also in Kentucky with Amazon..

    I Look forward to following your stories as you travel…

    Sharee Collier

    1. Jody R. Scholl Avatar
      Jody R. Scholl

      I am glad you are enjoying the blog, and hope you are able to find some useful stuff amongst the craziness. I now have 2 days remaing for my first 60 hour week, I think it is time for a nap…

  3. Becky Leland Avatar
    Becky Leland

    I hear Virginia is a nice place to visit!!! Come see us and our new house!!!!

    1. Jody Avatar

      We would love to see you guys, do have bus parking room 🙂

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