Little Zig Zag Falls – Mt Hood National Forrest

The trail to hike up to Little Zig Zag Falls was just a few miles from our home-base campground this summer.  It is a very easy hike, and highly recommended if you are in the area.  The water rushing down the mountain is painfully cold, as we discovered after we made it to the falls.  It was close to 90 degrees the day we did the hike, but the cold air coming off the fast moving water felt like you were standing in front of a massive AC unit.  The plants along the path were producing a wide variety of berries, some of which looked like little red pears.

As the fast moving water comes over the falls, the mist coming off the water is ionized.  This mist, when inhaled, actually makes you feel refreshed and energized just breathing it in for a few seconds.  The most refreshing thing is sticking your feet in the water.  Since the water is coming from the glaciers on top of the mountain, probably less than a mile or so away, it is extremely cold.  Imagine sticking your feet in a bucket of ice water with ice still floating in it, and you would be close.  I thought I had waded and fished in some cold water, but this is unlike any I have ever experienced, especially in the summer.  It made your feet and toes ache as soon as they hit the water.  My feet were burning and numb within around a minute, so I couldn’t imagine taking a swim…


Stay tuned for more adventures from the Mt Hood National Forrest area…




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