Mt Hood National Forrest – Bagby Hot Springs

As soon as we arrived at our campground in Oregon, we began hearing about Bagby Hot Springs.  All of the locals have an negative image of Bagby as a drug-infused naked people hang out.  There are areas where nudity is allowed (in the private bath houses) and it is not policed after the sun goes down.  If you plan to head up to Bagby with a family, day time is the time to go.  We went on a week day, and saw a handful of people on the hike and at the springs themselves.  I can imagine the weekends can get a little crowded.  Bagby is now managed by the company we were working for, and they have been trying hard to bring back the family atmosphere so everyone can enjoy this spot in the woods.

I took more videos on this part of our adventure than I took pictures, so you will have to watch the video for the experience to sink in.





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