Mt Hood National Forrest – Mirror Lake

The hike up to Mirror Lake is one of the most popular hikes in the Mt Hood area.  It is not a difficult hike, but it is uphill through switchbacks all the way up to the lake.  The girls kept fussing about who got to walk Thor since he was more than happy to pull you up the inclines all the way to the top.  There were wild flowers to greet us as we reached the edge of the lake.  They were popping with color, and I tried to convince Chas that I put them there for our 12 Year Anniversary (I don’t think she bought it but I got a smooch anyway).

The view of Mt Hood from the far side of the lake was stunning, but we decided we needed to see it from the middle of the lake too.  We dove in and the water around the edge was plenty cold, but the cold water was really waiting out in the middle.  As you moved your legs, the super cold water would rise from the lake bottom and really give you a chill.  I took the video with my iPhone thanks to my Lifeproof case, I wouldn’t leave the bus without it.

Chas enjoyed her anniversary bottle of wine that I snuck up in my pack while I entertained the girls with their first MRE we purchased at a surplus store.  They loved the food, and it was fun to use the pack included to heat up the tortellini.

This is one of the many side adventures that we enjoyed during our summer stay in the forrest.  More from the forrest adventure will come soon…



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