Sunny Tampa Florida in January

I happen to be in Tampa for the RV Super Show this week, and actually have access to the interweb to make a post or two.  I would like to get all of the posts caught up from last year, but I don’t think I will be getting carried away since I only have 10GB of data to use before our plan runs out.  I will get a few posts completed this week (I realize I have been saying that for months now, but I have been busy and lazy all at the same time which is hard on a feller).

Chas and the girls are having fun on the farm we are WWOOFing at in South Carolina.  More details about that will be coming soon I assure you.

If you are in the Tampa area, swing by Building B and look for me in the American Crystal Sugar Beet Harvest booth.  I will be recruiting workers for the 2014 season.  If you are remotely interested in the operations, we will be there answering questions about the process.  If you would like more information about how beet harvesting works in general, here is a good video (about 20 minutes long) that will give you some interesting data.

Here is a video I made my first year at the harvest.  This video is coming from the perspective of a new worker, and is geared a little more toward the stockpiling of the beets in a collection yard.


Don’t forget to come see me if you are coming to the show….






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