Brown Water?

To finish out our posts about Oregon, I have to include something about the brown water.  The water in our campground came from a well, it was safe to drink according to the monthly testing.  It was a bit hard to swallow though because it came out of the faucets with a brown tint and smelled like a bucket of rusty nails.  I joked with the campers that they didn’t need to eat as much spinach since they were getting their iron from the water (the kids loved it).  To be fair, when you have very old wells drilled beside a volcano, Mt. Hood, I think you should not be surprised to find it high in mineral content.  We just didn’t want to drink the crunchy water, but plenty of folks did and said they were used to it.

Our campground actually had a pump and was plumbed for running water throughout, but most of the other campgrounds had hand pumps for campers to fill their water containers with.  The hand pumps had much darker water than ours did, coming out of the pump looking like a muddy river after a heavy rain.  The iron in the water stained our shower in the bus, clogged our sprayer in the kitchen sink, and stained the stainless steel water bowl for the dogs.

Now, I tell you this to preface our video for the Berkey Water Purifiers we love so much.  This is the sole reason we decided to become distributors for these systems after using ours for a few months.  After sending the brown water through our Berkey, it came out clear and the bad taste was nowhere to be found.  The best part was watching the sludge form on the elements in the system as we were using it.  Cleaning it was an eye opening experience so we captured the process on video for everyone to see.

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In our travels, it has been nice to know we don’t have to buy drinking water, we are able to reuse our stainless water bottles.  Our water always tastes the same and we know it is safe.  When we are in a location without water we don’t have to worry about bacteria getting in our fresh water tank and making us sick.  Chas has happy SCOBYs in her Kombucha brew (more will come about this in a future post, I promise).

Our family drinks mainly water, we rarely buy soda or juice, if it is hot and I am working I will drink over 2 gallons per day by myself.  Here is a link for a previous post detailing how much you could save in waste produced by getting away from buying bottled water.  Being able to have the capacity to meet our demand for drinking is great, but we also use it for cooking and espresso (a very important use).  We even have enough capacity to supply neighbors with pure water for their needs too, which we are happy to do.

In the video above, we are offering a discount code for your Berkey order.  Let me know if you have any questions about the Berkey systems.  If you own a Berkey, please feel free to comment on this post letting everyone know your experience with your system.


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