Yellowstone National Park – Part 2

We were tired after our first day in Yellowstone, but we made it back to the bus and got some rest.  The next morning, I woke up early and sat in the NAPA parking lot to pick up our new alternator and belts (the original ones melted off when it locked up).  It just took about 10 minutes to install the new one, I happen to be very thankful it was in an easy to access location.  We fired the bus up and drove into the park through the West Yellowstone entrance, I followed Boober to our campground destination at Mammoth Hot Springs.  The drive was slow with the bus, but that is always the case in mountains on curvy roads.  The last two pictures are the town of Mammoth Hot Springs, it was the mating season for the elk so they took over the town for a few weeks.  It was great to see them so close up.

The green carpet of grass in one creek bed caught our eye, it was visible for several miles along the journey that day.  I had to take some pictures of it but they didn’t turn out as crisp as I had hoped.  We set up quickly at our campground, we luckily jumped in the one spot left that our rig would fit into since we are 60′ long.  We went back up the hill to check out Mammoth Hot Springs and the views were stunning as expected.  The elk that live in the area eat the grass that is coated with the minerals from the spring, so their teeth grind down very quickly.  I thought that was an interesting tidbit of information, they don’t live as long as others in the park, but they stay warm close to the spring in the winter.

Walking the trails through the springs we found a wide variety of colors and textures of formations.  The selfie we attempted happened to be captured by Lilah with our other camera.  I tried to take a few panoramic shots, they give you some idea of scale, but the quality is again very poor.

The overcast day gave all of our pictures a gloomy feel, this was even more evident on the images of the naked trees standing in the middle of the spring.  The smell of sulphur all through the park is a common thing, but here at the hot springs it was everywhere.  It isn’t something you notice after you are there for a little while exploring all of the trails.

We finished our exploration of the Hot Springs, and drove back down to the campground.  Someone told us about the Boiling River, and mentioned it was a great place to explore and get in the water.  The girls got excited about that, so we headed down the hill from the campground to the parking area for the river walk.  We had no idea what to expect, and were very surprised by the awesomeness of this part of our adventure.  Our next post will be a video of our adventure on Day 2, the following post will focus on the Boiling River.  Come back and check them our


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