April – The Arrival of Tiny Bacon

The rabbit condo I built a few posts back is fully occupied in April.  We learn before the end of the month why rabbit wire is thicker than chicken wire.  We used chicken wire to build a perimeter fence around their condo so we could move them around the gardens and allow them to “graze”.  The rabbits managed to chew holes in the wire and escape into the gardens.  We usually manage to catch them and put them back in the pen, but a few of them were “Caught” by the resident bird dog on the farm, and a few of them were caught by my 12 gauge.  We were raising meat rabbits anyway, some of them chose their own day to jump in the crock pot.  We also happened to have a huge bloom of wisteria around the farm this month.  The waves of perfume in the air that float past as you are working on the farm were amazing.

We also had a few spring animals showing up during the month of April.  A good sized turtle showed up one day when we were riding around on the Kubota RTV.  We also were visited by a screech owl one cool rainy day, it sat under the shed roof to keep dry for a few minutes and Thomas managed to see it.

We had our first asparagus shoots popping up out of the ground.  I also discovered a sustainable method for topping the curly mustard plants to keep them from flowering.  A few carrots managed to grow, they are an heirloom variety that are super sweet but don’t get very large.  Some spring sweet onions were harvested, and Laini made a great model for the curly mustard.  Smoothies made with garlic, mustard greens, and kale are good at waking you up, and keeping you moving… rapidly to the bathroom.

Some friends stopped by to work on the farm with us for a while, and they brought the tiny bacon with them.  These little piggies were cute, but I couldn’t help wondering what they would look like on the grill.  I managed to find out what miniature bacon would do if it were introduced to eggs, it friggin eats them… Watch the video, you will be amazed.  I had to include the breakfast picture for a little clarity, unless there was an amazing spider involved I would probably eat them, but they rode away when our friends left.



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