Farming in May = Snakes in the Hay

May on the farm brought many new sights and smells.  The magnolia trees began to bloom and filled the air with a wonderful aroma, and the edible peppery nasturtium flowers were in full swing.  They brought a lot of flavor to our farm fresh salads.

The girls were more than happy to help when a tarp needed to be cleaned.  I squirted some dish soap on it, gave them the water hose and the hard work began.  The tarp was spotless when they were finished, and they were too.  Hind sight should have involved some conditioner…  Brandy the farms resident pointer, and my hunting buddy, also enjoyed her personal spa.  The horse water tank makes a great spot for a gal to take a dip and get a drink.  Sandy, the horse, benefits by not having flavorless water.

We also managed to make our first appearance at the Lake City Farmers Market with our fresh picked treats.  The Napa Cabbage was a hit, and we had the only Kale and Mustard the entire season.  We also sat with Frankie, the truck, and peddled our goods under the big tree at Coopers Country Store.


Once the slithering critters began showing up, we never knew where we would find them.  A pair of snakes loved the knot hole in the live oak tree over the driveway.  Sometimes they would be on top of the limb but they were usually peaking out the hole.  Laini discovered a pair of snakes all tangled up in the duck pen when she went to collect eggs.  They were having their own little roll in the hay if you catch my drift.



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