June 2014 East Tennessee Crank-Up

The show started when we arrived, as usual, and set the bus up for the weekend.  Chas decided she wanted to raise the pop-up by herself, so I didn’t want to argue.  She managed to get it set up in just a few minutes, so we were able to relax that evening.

These two grease monkeys were a big help getting the leaves cleaned out of the Bessemer water tank so it could be filled up.  The water circulates through the engine to cool it while it is running.  That is a job I would have definitely done at their age with no persuasion required.  It is hard to stay clean with that much rust and grease available to play with, I have that problem too…



Here are a few more of the engines that were operating during the show.  I painted the red lettering on the Black Bear after the show in 2012.


I had to get my lathe hooked back up to the Mogul for some wood turning demonstrations.  I must admit, I would have been turning on this lathe even if nobody happened to be around to watch the demonstration.  The video shows some of the turning of the large green (unseasoned) walnut bowl.  The rough piece when mounted on the lathe weighed between 50 and 70 lbs.


After the show, we were all tired and needed to cool off.  We headed up to a favorite swimming spot, the Blue Hole, just a short drive from the show.  The cold water flows  out of the mountain a short distance up from the waterfall.

If you are going to be near Johnson City, Tennessee in early June come check out the show.  We can even take you to the Blue Hole for a swim…




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