June Farm Produce

May brought the first trips to the farmers market, but June really brought the goods.  The farms focus is growing mostly heirloom varieties of fruits and veggies using organic methods.  Many of the folks in this area are set in their ways, and have no idea what these veggies are.  The ones that are willing to step outside what they consider normal and try our produce come back for more and bring friends along.  Some of the unique arrivals in June are Armenian Cucumbers, Asian Long Cucumbers, Golden Honey Watermelon, Chinese Red Noodle Beans, Daikon Radish, Jumbo Okra, and Lemon Cucumbers.  The wooden bowl and goblet will be featured in another post coming soon…



Here are some of our booths at a few different farmers markets.  We had many comments on our variety and the uniqueness of our produce.  We hand picked and processed everything at our booth within 24 hours (usually the morning of) of attending the market.

We even had an amazing discovery.  Apparently the tool box on the roof of the bus is filled with Leprechauns and their gold.

Halve Ewe Herd - June 2014

The next post will be about our trip to the East Tennessee Crank-Up where I made the large walnut bowl in the pictures…

 Stay Tuned…







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