A Day of Loss

RIP Emmie

Today we suffered a tough loss in the bus crew.  Emmie Lou Scholl, our beloved Shih Tzu was hit by a car today at the farm.  She didn’t suffer, which we are thankful for, but Lydia saw it happen so it is extra hard on her.  We have no idea what kept attracting her to the other side of the road, but every time she went outside that is where you could bet she would go.  She had always been aware of cars and watched before she crossed, but Lydia called her and she ran out in front of one.  Killed instantly, but the car didn’t slow down or stop after hitting her and kept going.  The car driving off was harder on Lydia than anything, they didn’t even stop to say they were sorry.  The loss of Emmie was hard, but three little girls hearts shattered more because the driver “Didn’t Even Care They Hit Her”.  They could not comprehend not feeling bad about it.  Yes, it was an accident, and we made sure the girls are aware of this.  Let this be a lesson for anyone that is unfortunate enough to be involved with hitting someones pet.  No matter how hard it is for you to do so, an apology is always best.

Emmie came to us in November of 2007 as a 6 month old.  She was a great snuggler and a good friend for the girls.  She got to go on adventures in the bus and visit 26 states where she strolled on South Carolina beaches, walk among Arizona Saguaro Cacti, stare up at California Giant Redwoods, dig in the sand on Oregon beaches and hike around Mount Hood, sniff sugar beets in North Dakota, and smell the sulphur in Yellowstone.  We are thankful for the smiles she brought to us through the years and miles.

If you have any memories of Emmie, feel free to comment below.






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  1. Laura Fox Avatar
    Laura Fox

    So sorry for your loss! I can only imagine how you all must be feeling, especially Lydia. I have no memories to tell of Emmie but it sounds and looks like she had a life and a half with you guys, Laura

    P.S Hannah has (finally, sorry!!) emailed back Lydia 🙂

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