December Swamp Time

December brought some travel for our crew, but that is nothing unusual.  There were several days we were able to enjoy the mild South Carolina weather.  Christmas Day turned out to be one of those days.  We walked to the back of the farm and down to the swamp.  The spring was bubbling away at the swamps edge, it was quiet and peaceful (before the girls arrived).  We all enjoy the sounds of birds and frogs that are down at the waters edge.  You never know when a giant Pileated Woodpecker will sound a warning call in a tree above you.

Chas and the girls traveled to Kentucky to spend time with her grandparents, and I made a separate trip to North Carolina to spend time with my family.  The small amount of farm animals we have (rabbits) require someone to be here so it is hard for us to take longer adventures without someone to critter-sit.  It was nice to spend Christmas Day with our girls.  A camp fire made the day complete…







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