Parked Until Further Notice

Greetings from Petunia the Pig…

The Scholl Bus has been parked at our new farm (as of January 2016) in Cottageville, SC.  We have been busy making the place our own, and now I am working on a new website for our farming adventures.  When the bus hits the road again for family travels, I will update this site with the news.

Our plan, for now, is to make some modifications and upgrades to the bus (unless someone happened to offer us millions for the bus, then we would consider selling).  It is currently set up as a guest house, nestled in among the trees at the new place.

The new farm name has been decided, and the domain name has been purchased…  Now to get the site rolling before the official announcement can be made.

Stay Tuned…






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  1. Lorna Avatar

    Good luck with the parking. There are a lot of great places to take your bus camping nearby. And you do need to visit a few more states too. Make some good short extended weekend trips.

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