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This Blog is dedicated to the adventures of The Scholl Bus, our 35′ school bus we have converted into a very unique RV.  We are a family of 5, my name is Jody Scholl, otherwise knows as Dad…  My wife is Chasity (or Chas for those in the “know”), our 3 girls are Lydia – age 8, Lilah – age 7, and Laini – age 5…

The Scholl Bus was purchased through a Craigslist ad in the spring of 2010, it was used by Ft. Brag Schools.  Through several transactions, it ended up with a gentleman that removed all the seats and used it as a construction vehicle (hauling tools, materials to job sites).

Okay, here is the scoop for the info junkies out there:

  • 1991 Chevrolet C-60 Chassis
  • Detroit 8.2 Naturally Aspirated Diesel Engine
  • Allison Automatic Transmission
  • 35′ overall length
  • Interior Height (about 3″ too short, I have to duck to walk through it)
  • Roughly 42,000 original miles as of January 1 2012
  • Very little body damage, only thing of note is the crumpled side in front of the RH rear tires
  • Tires, like new
  • Averages a little over 9 MPG highway or city
  • Max speed 55 mph
  • Pop-Up is a 2003 Jayco
  • Overall Height 12′ 10″ with the pop-up lowered, ??? with the pop-up raised…

This is shortly after we purchased the bus. It was being used as a mobile "tent" camper at Roan Mountain State Park.

This was taken at Linville Falls, early summer 2010



The steel frame welded to the bus to support the popup


Here we are placing the popup on the frame.


The Pop-Up is installed to the top of the bus, fall 2011.


We cut a hole in the bus roof, then a smaller hole in the floor of the popup.  A ladder was constructed so you could climb into the popup from the inside of the bus.



Here I am working on some of the wiring in the front of the bus. The hole into the popup is just past the metal studs in the foreground.

I am standing beside the dinette table at the front of the bus. You can see the bathroom entrance on the left, the ladder for popup access, and the hole in the ceiling of the bus for extra head room for me in the kitchen area.

I am applying fiberglass to the seam so it will be water tight.


Lydia is painting the roof of the bus.

There are obviously a lot of behind the scenes steps, if you have any questions about how a particular aspect of the bus was completed please let us know.


Thanks for visiting The Scholl Bus

6 Responses to About Us

  • REBA CONLEY says:

    wow! you guys are my inspiration! I have been wanting to do the rv thing for about 5 years now and to be honest just chickened out…..I have gotten that antsy feeling again and by readig your site I decided if a family with kids ca do it then so can I….the song is really beautiful and I hope someone with ties to an artist will hear it and get it recorded for you guys but kristi you did a really good job singing it…prayers to All of your family and God Bless!!!!

  • RV_Guy_Bill says:

    Wow! Turning a school bus into a family home! Sounds delightful. Good work and good luck!

  • Margie Lundy says:

    Very fun! Our kids can’t wait to meet a family traveling in a bus! Hopefully our paths will cross soon. :)

  • Beth says:

    The only thing missing is to repaint the front from “school” to “Scholl”

  • Love this family! Love that bus…Believe me, this RV bus can go ANYWHERE if it can make it to our house on Mars Mountain! You should have seen the look on the neighbor’s face when the school bus came roaring up our little dirt road. I always told our kidz that I thought the bus could pick them up at our front door…and Uncle Jody has proved me right!

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